Our history

Since 1980 Rampichino® is reborn on the basis of new concepts , new materials and new italian’s designe and technologies . In Saronno is back to life an inspiring concept , an idea, a new model on two wheels.

The Rampichino ® born from our passion for beauty and the desire to offer an exclusive product that give emotions. In any bike we seek the attention to detail . Each Rampichino ® must ,first of all , satisfy our pleasure to make it happen , satisfy the view in looking at it, let us arise the awareness and pride of owning it. We wish that each holder of a Rampichino ® lingers, before using it to appreciate the style and the realization that transforms the simple pedaling in a series of sensations and awareness of being on a Rampichino ®. Our products are made thinking first of all of us as consumers. We hope to succeed in our intent. You, the users, will be the mirror of our desires.

Where is born
Saronno , our city , has had a significant importance in the history of Italian industrial and manufacturing .
There are many companies that have left an important mark of the intelligent and imaginative activity of the Saronno’citizen.
The Isotta Fraschini , founded in 1900 as "Company Milanese automaker Isotta Fraschini & C. " .
The Cemsa - Caproni -Rome , locomotives , firearms , engines and cars. (a saronno arises from a certain Mr. Romeo some Alfa then materialized in Milan ... )
The Lazzaroni , with the famous " Amaretti di Saronno " , operational since the second half of 700.
The Gianetti , rims and wheels at the end of the 800.
The FIMI , the Phonola , Philips, Parma Safes ...
How can we forget the Nord Milano trailways, the "North" that has contributed to the development of the industrious triangle Lombard Milan , Como , Varese.

Just in Saronno, from the passion of entrepreneurs and free thinkers Saronnesi, a myth reborn on 2 wheels of the 80s the Rampichino ® , for Americans and for many, more simply, the Mountain Bike ( MTB) .

The Rampichino® are special bikes , handmade, hand-built . Every piece , every detail is attended to with maniacal care. The Rampichino® are special bikes , handmade, hand-built . Every piece , every detail is attended with meticulous care.

Each Rampichino® is a unique , personalized on is tpurchaser and remainsa piece exclusive of its user. Luca Caronni.

Rampichino® is a registered trademark of Caronni srl
via Nazionale dei Giovi, 17 – 20813 Bovisio Masciago (Mb) Italy
tel. 0039 0362 559383. Fax. 0362 590335,
email: info@caronni.it

Italian Studio, Style and production. The Rampichino® are distributed on the Italian territory by certified partners.

We are looking for partners in other countries around the world who are interested in our engaging and exciting products.